These Three Things Turn Out to Be Your Diet Causes Failure

The best way to lose weight is diet. However, you also need to find the right diet program so you can lose weight optimally and get maximum results. One way you can use is fasting. Maybe, you are still confused como fazer jejum in order to get maximum results. However, there have been many experts who can guide you in carrying out the program.

Unfortunately, despite being on a diet, there are still some people who cannot lose their weight. There are several causes that can cause this to happen. Some of these causes are

1. Eat quickly
Your stomach is not determined if you feel full or not, it is your brain that works. If you have fast eating habits, it will make you fatter. Why? Because signals from the body to the brain will experience a delay of 20 minutes. In other words, we will feel full that fits 20 minutes after we eat.
It will make you consume so many foods because you eat so fast. And what will happen? because you don’t give the brain the opportunity to process your full stimuli, it can cause the fat and foods accumulate and you will be obese.

2. Don’t have breakfast and have a messy meal
Breakfast is one of the crucial things to start the day. Within eight hours, our morning food will be completely digested. So why do we have official or biological meals for the body? It has been calculated according to our body’s metabolic process.

3. Excessive consumption of junk food
yes, sometimes busyness will make you lazy and don’t have time to cook. Then, fast food is also one option. It’s delicious, delicious, and filling. However, high levels of saturated fat, trans fat, and salt will make you unaware that your stomach is getting bigger.