These are two abnormal things that you usually feel during the depression

When you feel depressed, there is a part of you that changes drastically. This is because depression usually attacks you emotionally. So, usually, people who are depressed will immediately need appropriate therapy. One of them is to get ayahuasca therapy which you can get at

When you are depressed, there are some things that are not normal for you, like

1. Difficult to regulate emotions
If you often get angry too much, you may experience depression. emotions that are difficult to regulate become symptoms of depression which are experienced by more than half of people in the long run. Anxiety-like that can occur in adults and children.

2. Wake up too early
Depression makes women fall asleep easily. However, some of them also started to sleep less and woke up early. Therefore, if you start waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning, you may experience depression.