These are the two advantages of having a bad attitude

Your personality will indeed be different from other people. In fact, you can be a sensitive person and can even be the least caring person. Being a sensitive person is sometimes troublesome for yourself because there are many things that you think too much about. In fact, in some cases, this can interfere with a person’s mental health. So, is here to help you understand yourself.

Being a person who doesn’t care about a lot of things is sometimes a distinct advantage for you, like

1. Efficient in making decisions
When faced with many choices, you don’t think too long to choose it. This does not mean reckless, but weighing too many of these, various possibilities that do not necessarily occur, is not your style. Instead of spending time sorting out, it’s better to just do what is considered the best.

2. Your life becomes easier to live
Not thinking about what people say, and just living what makes you happy will make you feel that your life is much easier to live.