The three types of human’s personalities

This time I will discuss personality. As we know, human beings have various kinds of traits, and from those qualities they will reflect their personality. How many types of personality do you really have? According to the psychology doctor from Switzerland, Carl Jung, there are 3 general types of personality in humans, namely Introvert (Introversion), Ambivert (Ambiversion) and Extrovert (Extraversion). In the meantime, you can visit this introvert dating website if you’re interested in dating an introvert man or woman.

I am sure, you certainly are not too foreign with these words. But among the three types of personality, the most often spoken only 2, namely Introvert and Extrovert. Previously I had read several articles about these 3 personalities. So here is my summary of these three personalities:

1. Introvert (Introversion)

Introvert or Introversion is a human personality that is more related to the world in the human mind itself. So humans who have introverted traits are more likely to close themselves from outside life. They are people who think more and have less activity. They are also people who prefer to be in quiet or calm conditions, rather than in places that are too many people.

2. Extrovert (Extraversion)

Extroverts or Extraversion are the opposite of Introverts. Humans with extroverted personalities have more to do with the outside world. So humans who have extroverted traits are more likely to open themselves to outside life. They are people who are more active and think less. They are also people who prefer to be in a crowd or condition where there are many people, rather than in a quiet place.

3. Ambivert (Ambiversion)

Ambivert or Ambiversion is a human personality that has 2 personalities, namely an Introvert and Extrovert. Humans with ambivert personalities can change from introvert to extrovert, or vice versa. Having an ambivert personality is arguably good, because humans can be flexible to act as introverts or extroverts, and can interact with introverts and extroverts well. Unlike Introverts that are difficult to get along with Extrovert and vice versa.

However, the lack of this personality, because of having a personality between introverts and extroverts, people with ambivert personalities often appear moody, because of their often changing nature.