Restaurant and lodging tips when you visit Denmark

When the price of food in a restaurant can drain around 50-150 Kroners per portion, you can get cheaper food at IKEA stores whose prices are only between 25-30 Chronicles. Don’t turn a blind eye to cart cars that sell hot dogs, pizza or Jensens Steak House, where you can eat steak at half the price when you arrive before 4 pm. Meanwhile, you may also want to visit visit fregatten jylland and also the Mols Bjerge national park.

Accommodation in Denmark is famous for being very expensive, staying at a hotel can easily drain your bag around 800 kroner every night. I once worked for Danhostel, which is a network of inns in Denmark. For one family size room and smaller standard rooms can be booked at a minimum price of 300 kroner per night.

But don’t worry, there are still other alternatives that are cheaper! One of them is by renting a caravan or staying at a summer house. But make sure you go there during low season. Otherwise, the price will be very expensive.