The essence of wearing a watch

We all certainly understand what the main purpose of the watch is, which is to show time. But we all also know that at this time there is one thing that we often use and have the ability to show time, namely cellphones. Even cellphones have the features to adjust the time so that it is accurate if we use the automatic date and time option. With such things, we might think why longines watches are still essential, even for lay people who are not part of the

First, the watch is more practical. Compare how to check the time between the watch and the cell phone. We have to reach the cell phone in a pocket or purse, in contrast to a watch that is enough to just turn to the wrist. Not only does it require more effort, by checking the time with the cellphone, there is more possibility to then be distracted and further check the cell phone with all its notifications. In addition, the gesture of taking and staring at a cell phone is certainly not beautiful when dealing with other people. Watches, including smartwatches, can show time simply without these difficulties

Second, the watch functions more optimally to show time. Compared to cellphones that are fast running out of battery, a watch is certainly more durable, both mechanical and quartz. Plus for some people who rely on the calculation of time in their activities, there are times when watches are badly needed, for example divers, soldiers, pilots, firefighters, medical personnel, scientists, and so on.