U-Shaped Kitchen with a Mini Bar For Your Minimalist House

Urban areas usually have narrow best bar stools for kitchen island but densely populated land. This is because many jobs are provided so that people choose to live in a minimalist home but close to the workplace. Building a minimalist home certainly requires certain tricks. You don’t want the house to look cramped even though the land is not large. This is where you will need a Home Furniture Adviser to help fill the rooms with the best designs and in accordance with your wishes.

One of the most important parts of the house is the kitchen. Many kitchens are built in a modern style and include a mini bar into it. Minibars that are not suitable will make the house appear increasingly narrow and dreary. Even though with a mini bar, can replace some parts of the kitchen, one of which is the dining table. In addition, the kitchen is a part that is usually used to gather together. Of course, you don’t want your kitchen to look cramped. So, the solution is to use a suitable design, one of which is a U-shaped kitchen design.

U-shaped kitchen with a mini bar in the form of a wooden table using stainless poles that are rust resistant. At the side of the wall, the mini bar is equipped with a 3-level niche which is usually used as a place to put a drink bottle. The top two levels are made of clear glass so that the light beam can penetrate the bottom.

For those of you who like the classic impression, a kitchen like this better emphasizes the dark brown color of the kitchen set, with the aim of building a classic atmosphere. In order not to appear narrow, dark brown colors don’t dominate too much. Give the white color so the kitchen looks wider and brighter. You will still get the classic impression of the brown color on the kitchen set. But at the same time, you will not feel the kitchen is too narrow to gather several people. So, you can still use the kitchen comfortably which gives a classic feel.