How to Improve Your English Skill Before Taking B1 English Test

Many people seem to have the fear of taking the certain English test. The first thing to do for your English test even before going to is to get read of your fear and doubt. While learning how to master the English language, you can watch movies using English subtitles to train your understanding of the dialogue spoken in the film. Basically, dialogue in movies will give you insight into how to speak and use sentences effectively.

It is very important for you to not only develop speaking skills, but also the ability to listen in English. Even if you don’t like music, listening to music and English-language radio broadcasts is a very effective way to develop your listening skills. Radio broadcasts or podcasts can help you practice intonation and articulation in English. Even if you have difficulty understanding the meaning of the word per word of the broadcast you are listening to, you can at least understand the conversation through context. By understanding the context of the conversation, you are one step ahead in mastering the English language.