These are the Effect of Web Hosting on SEO You Use

You who have a website or blog certainly need the right web hosting. So, the right web hosting service must be found immediately. You can get one of the services at That way, then you can get a good website performance too.

However, did you know that web hosting is also a big influence on the SEO that you use? Here are some of the effects of web hosting on your SEO.

– Performance
Search engines prefer to send users to sites that will give them good websites. In addition to that, the performance of web hosting by making websites faster in loading, also the better the impact on SEO. Google openly admits that it uses website speed as a ranking factor.

– Reliability
Google understands that a website will decrease its performance at any time, even tolerating downtime. However, if a website is often not available, then search engines like Google will be reluctant to send users to websites that are less reliable. Downtime can affect the ranking of a website.