Know these when you want to give a gift to your superior

Don’t give silly gifts to your boss. Even though this is like a trivial thing, you have to pay attention to it. Don’t let you and your coworkers give you something ridiculous. Maybe something silly sounds funny, but it’s not right for your boss. Do not give items such as gas matches, ashtrays or other items. Meanwhile, if you’d like to give a gift to your girlfriend, we recommend you to buy the unique and cute custom music box any song.

Even though your boss may be a smoker, but avoid giving something impressive you support the habit. It would be much better if you give sports shoes, favorite club jersey and the like. Even though it’s like a simple item, it will provide tremendous benefits to your boss.

Pay attention to giving time

You must be smart to choose the right time when giving gifts. Do not let your intention to please superiors by giving gifts, it is a mess because of the wrong time.

Try to give gifts at relaxing times, free time or rest hours. Or, if you want to give a surprise, give a gift in the morning, before working hours. Do not let your “event” interfere with your work time in the office, you must remain professional so that your work and work keep going well.

See also your boss’s mood, if you look uncomfortable, or in a state of anger, you should wait for the right moment.

Don’t Forget to Say Something

You can give a greeting directly to the boss, or if you are afraid you can also use a greeting card. Saying something even if it’s simple, will add a warm impression between you and your boss. Even though you have given a verbal greeting, giving a small greeting through writing on a greeting card is still needed.

However, you need to remember, do not be too long in giving greetings through writing. Just write the message “Thanks for supporting me” or something similar.

The most important thing in giving gifts to superiors is that you must pay attention to your ethics, courtesy, and professionalism as an employee. It’s because after all, you are his subordinate, so you need to be careful in giving gifts and gifts.