Finding the opportunity to get backlinks

Links are still one of the most important factors in SEO. However, the backlink is like a double-edged sword. The technique of getting backlinks through spamming (as written earlier) will actually pose a big risk. By being aware of this, a good link is a link that we get with permission and the knowledge of the owner of the website. Meanwhile, visit if you need a professional SEO consultant service.

There is a way to find this opportunity.

A page in the form of a collection of blogs/articles

Ever seen an article in a blog entitled “5 best fashion blogs in the world”, or “10 best articles on productivity”?

If your website matches the topic of the article, you can contact the website owner and ask to add your website to the list.

The chances of success are quite high, so the benefits you get from this technique are huge.

Following are the steps:

Do a search on Google like the picture.

There is no standard formula for this search. Use creativity to find articles in groups.

Some examples of other search queries that you can try:

“_ [Category] blogger USA”
“[Best category] blogger USA [last year]”
“Learning blog [category]”
After that, browse a few pages from the search results, and collect the appropriate criteria.

After finding the opportunity, this is what you do:

Find contact pages or social media accounts, almost all websites have contacts that can be contacted.
Contact. Tell that you also have a website/article with the same topic, then ask to install your link. Do it politely.
Repeat for each website that you find and wait for the reply.