Ignition System (CDI) does not appear / weak spark

Another problem that occurs in the mini bikes for adults is that there is no ignition caused by the CDI in the magnet is not tight (loose). To overcome this, tighten both CDI bolts. If it’s still not normal, then you need to replace the CDI and the spark plug.

CDI or Capacitor Discharge Ignition is an ignition system in an internal combustion engine by utilizing the energy stored in the capacitor which is used to produce high levels of ignition coil so that with a high voltage output the coil will produce a spark in the spark plug. The amount of energy stored in the capacitor is what determines how strong the spark from the spark plug is to ignite the gas mixture in the combustion chamber.

The greater the energy stored in the capacitor, the stronger the spark produced in the spark plug to ignite the combustion gas mixture with the note measured in the use of the same coil. Large energy will also make it easier for a spark to penetrate high compression or a large fuel gas mixture due to greater throttle opening.

In addition, when the pull start is pulled, the engine can also jam. This is also a common problem that is often experienced by 49cc mini 2 motor engines. If this happens, the probable problem is that the conrod/piston is abnormal. to replace this part must be dismantled all parts of the engine. It is recommended to replace it with a new spare part.

This problem usually arises because when mixing the fuel with oil, the capacity/size of the side oil is less than recommended, which is 20: 1. This will quickly damage the piston, crankshaft and piston block due to lack of lubricant and excessive heat generated.

That’s it for the info regarding some problems with mini bikes. Although it’s quite short, we hope this article can become useful for you.